Friday, May 30, 2014

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things Too Faced Palette

It's horrible that after 6 months of purchasing this palette I'm BARELY getting into the darker colors of this palette. What can I say? I've been scared to dabble into those colors BUT now that it's summer and bright colors should be the trend i'm mixing with dark colors! Horrible! I've got it completely wrong! Anyway... below are some pictures that I took of the eye look and the camera picked up the beautiful hues of blue in this dark eyeshadow which made it look extremely blue. I can't deny it's not beautiful, it compliments my eye color but in person it seems more dark and less blue. 

Eyeshadows I used: 
 - Chocolate Milk & Woolen Mittens ( in the crease ) 
- Pure Glors ( in the outer corner and for the bottom under my eye) 
- Bluff (Lid color) 

I also applied all color in the bottom of my eye to make it a complete smokey eye! 
I used Velour Lashes in Girl Your Craaazy! 

Was supposed to apply bottom lashes but it just didn't work right, I should have applied singles under my lash line! 

Any questions, comment down below or on my INSTAGRAM :)

XOXO Tatiana 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lilly Ghalichi Hair review!

Much anticipated video (at least for me) Everything you need to know is in this video, I walk you through the steps of cutting your hair and how to dye it!


XOXO tatiana

My First Cut Crease!

... Oh my lord! I'll admit that it is SUPER hard to cut a crease! But luckily, I found an easier way!

I have a very weird eye shape, it's like an almond shape mixed with a narrow shape. ( If that makes any sense) okay okay... it's just very narrow like asian eyes. So anyway.. it was very difficult to map out my crease without wanting to mix all of the colors together, but I went for it anyway. Looking back at the picture, I could have went a little lower on the line , lol. The trick that made it so easy is using an eyeliner whether it be in stick form or gel eyeliner in the color you want your cut crease to be. As you can see I went with a brown cut crease so I obviously used a brown eyeliner, I mapped out my crease and blended then went in with a champagne color to fill in the bottom! 

Here's a close up: 
( I completely forgot to add mascara to my bottom lashes..) 

Products I used: 
- Jordana Eyeliner in brown 
- MAKEUP GEEK eyeshadow in Frappe 
- MAKE UP GEEK eyeshadow in shimma shimma 
- Ardell Whispies 
- Maybelline 24 hour gel eyeliner in blackest black 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Thank Peaches Its Friday!

Since I love fridays sooo much, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and wear this rose gold - orange eye look! I sat down this morning and decided to play with eyeshadows! I've been pushing myself to wear peaches for make up looks lately since i'm completely late on trend and it seems to compliment my skin tone. It's funny how I started noticing that peaches were just a "brightness enhancer" for my skin - it started with my mother. She has always been the woman that wears red lipstick with WHATEVER she wears! Now to read that you automatically think "umm.. but red lipstick doesn't go with everything what is this woman thinking?" and I completely understand because I would think the same thing too. But what no one knows is that this woman (my mother) puts thought into her outfit from the earrings she wears down to her heels (notice I said heels, because that's all she wears, nothing lower) so the red lipstick just went with everything and never looked out of place or "too much". It was never like an old t-shirt and torn up jeans with flip flops and then red lipstick. Anyway, she started wearing the matte peach lipstick from wet n wild and it just automatically complimented her skin tone and her beauty. So I went on a total Mean Girls moment ("One time I saw Cady Heron wear army pants and flip flops so I wore army pants and flip flops") and bought the same peach to try on myself and it was true, it instantly lifted my face and gave me this glow "it was awesome". So after my whole novel, moral of the story is that I should wear peaches more often. :)

Here is the look of the day:

Eye Products Used:
Maybelline 24 hour eyestudio Gel liner in blackest black
Ardel whispies
L'oreal Telescopic mascara waterproof in blackest black.


Thursday, May 15, 2014


Just a look I created with the maybelline quads in purples, I also added highlighter to this look for a nice dewy complexion!

please check out my beauty instagram : @misstatianamarie_

thanks ,
tatiana martinez

How to make your eyes appear bigger!

My photography skills... are just horrible! When I try to take my pictures for my blog I can't seem to do a good detailed picture of the eyeshadows. Im sure its the lighting but I figured that it was the eyeshadows that are TOO light.
Well I will keep trying and getting better!

P.S. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to let me know!

see how there isn't much pigmentation on the brown shadows? :( 

Anyway, I have a video on how to achieve this look below: 
I am helping you achieve a bigger eye look with makeup and this is an everyday eye look that can be used anywhere, I truly fell in love with it! 

Tatiana Martinez

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Okay so I haven't completely neglected my blog, i've just been busy with finals this week. I have successfully unsuccessfully unplugged myself from social media just to study, lol. I wanted to post a couple of looks here before I get back into studying again and disappear for the next two days. I definitely took advantage of my weekend and did very simple eye looks that could be worn for everyday.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Prom Neutral Make-up look + How to make your eyes appear larger .

Hey Everyone! 

I posted a look last night on my YOUTUBE channel for this look! If you haven't checked out my channel please do! Here's the video below! please leave feedback! 

Perfect Prom look for any dress! 

Products used in video: 
Chickadee, creme brûlée, mocha, frappe, homecoming - MAKE UP GEEK eyeshadows 
Saddle - MAC eyeshadow 
MAC pressed powder in medium dark 
MAC natural skin finish in ' give me sun' 
MAC creme highlighter in good girl gone bad 
jordana lip pencil in tawny 
MAC japanese maple lipstick 
MARC JACOBS studded kiss lipgloss 
jordana brown eyeliner 
URBAN DECAY de-slick setting spray 

lets be friends!­a­arie_ 

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Hey Everyone!

Im happy to announce that I have an affiliate link for those that want an AMAZING set of hair extensions! As far as the quality goes, they're amazing! They feel like they're just such great quality but what really caught my attention was the thickness! I purchased the Lilly Hair by Bella mi - if none of you know, the star of Shahs of Sunset Lilly Ghalichi, has teamed up with BELLA MI hair extensions to produce the thickest set of hair extensions on the market , they're 260 GRAMS of hair! Its SOOO much hair! I can't even put in all the clips, im slowly working up to it! Believe it or not, they're light weight if you put in the clips separately and not attach them together. I am planning on filming a review on them - so be aware! My affiliate link is down below!

Affiliate Link!

This is the Hair Diva Herself Lilly Ghalichi! 

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