Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I recently bought these VELOUR LASHES in GIRL YOU CRAAZY (not sure if that's how crazy is spelled on the site) but they are amazing! I usually go for ARDELL lashes and I've yet to find some that are my favorite.... I have some whispies that I always run to but still didn't convince me that they fit my eye shape. Since I have very narrow eyes, I like to run to the eyelashes that are either fuller in the center to make my eyes appear bigger and doll-like or some that fuller in the end so that it gives the illusion that my eyes are exotic! Anyway, I finally caved into getting mink lashes and I have to say IM IN LOVE! Sadly, they are not as comfortable as I had wanted them to be. The band is no where near flexible as the band for ARDELL, but it makes complete sense, they're MINK lashes and they are fuller!
I decided to cut the extra band that was left on the sides to help with the level of comfort. I repeat, I did not cut the lashes themselves but the extra band that was left on the sides.
I could not buy 20-30 dollar lashes and then cut them - what would I be thinking?
These lashes just COMPLETE  a look! Heres a pic below:

 This was a screen shot from my video in my previous post which you can tell the difference when they are on compared to when they are not!!!

So I would deff recommend to anybody because they are supposed to be good up to 25 time of reuse, but I always take REALLY good care of my falsies so i'm sure that I will be able to use them longer.

XOXO Tatiana

Prom hair and make up for a yellow dress!

Hey Everyone! 
Thanks so much for stopping by! 
I recently got into my GLAM mode and decided what better time to get all dolled up then for a PROM tutorial, and here it is! 
I wore this dress for my prom in 2008 and figured why not just use this dress. 
I do have a long Black gown which i will have to do make up for as well!