Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Make-Up Ladies Night!

Hello Everyone! 

So the other night I was able to grab a couple of beautiful girlfriends and try new looks. Sadly, I don't go out - clubbing - anymore, I have become such a homebody since last year, which I knew growing up it would happen. Maybe it's just the fact that I see the SAME people and the SAME clubs so i've been kinda over it. Well this got pretty heavy for an intro, huh? lol sorry. 

I had recently bought the UTOPIA PIGMENT from Make Up Geek and I hadn't gone out to fully get glammed up to wear it SO I did the next best thing and tried it out for a make up look! 
Beautiful Model: Julissa 

I focused this pigment on the center of her eye and I used "blackout" eyeshadow from the Naked 2 palette on the inner and outer lid, applied "Purely Naked" and "Frappe" from Make up geek on the crease and in the lower lash line, applied blackest black eyeliner from the Maybelline Studio line and some demi whispie lashes from Ardell. 

Beautiful Model: Sonia 

I must say that I am HORRIBLE at trying to take pictures like the Make Up Artists on Instagram! 
I used MAC "Rose" Pigment on the inner lid, used a dark purple shimmer shadow from my coastal scents palette and "blackout" from the naked 2 palette on the outer lid, I used "Simply Marlena" eyeshadow as the transition shade on the lid, she already had amazing eyelashes so the ardell whispies I applied weren't necessary but I added them anyway! 

Hope you enjoy! 
xoxo Tatiana 
Okay, so after so many years of getting my nails done, I was definetely tired of having to go get a fill in about every two weeks! That's almost $20-$27 dollars every other week, literally like a bill payment somewhere, lol. Anywho, back to the subject - I just didn't wanna deal with it anymore. So about a few years I concocted a remedy that helped with growing your nails strong, BUT recently I was in the drugstore and found the best product ever - SALLY HANSEN GROWTH GEL and to top it all of it smells like cucumber! Well any who - I explain it ALL in the video below! :)